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Solar panels are great investments that not only greatly reduce your energy costs but can be essential when the power is out in your neighborhood, and even potentially earn you a bit more money by putting energy back into the grid. Call Shaw's Heating, Air and Plumbing to see if solar panels are right for your neighborhood, and what you may need to help with your home today.

Solar panels produce renewable, eco-friendly, clean energy while lowering your utility rates. With the initial investment, you can help save money and help reduce your carbon footprint. Call (410) 745-9338 today and get your home running on renewable clean and secure energy.

Solar thermal is generally a roof mounted system and a designed to provide domestic potable water. Solar thermal can be used for heating needs but requires a very large panel array and massive amounts of water storage tanks.

There are two types of solar thermal, pressurized and drain back "non-pressurized" each has its own pro's and con's

Solar photovoltaic (Commonly known as PV) is designed to provide electricity to the dwelling. The energy can be grid-connected or stand alone. If you are grid connected a special meter is used and if you do not utilize the energy produced the electric company must buy it back from you. Standalone systems (Commonly known as off-grid) have a battery system to store the excess energy created by the sun.

Photovoltaic "PV" system can either be roof mounted or ground mounted.

Solar systems have what is known as S.R.E.C's, solar renewable energy credits attached to them per a measured wattage. These are credits provided that are shared as an open commodity and traded. The Federal government has implemented that all energy providers have a certain percentage of their power driven by solar energy by a specific deadline date. If an energy company does not own enough of their own solar energy they go to the market place and purchase these credits. Each state has their own value for each these S.R.E.C's.

Here at Shaw's we have been installing and maintaining the various solar styles for over 5 years and are here to help with any needs you may have.

Solar Services

  • Solar potential assessment
  • Solar panel installations
  • High-efficiency panels
  • Panel cleaning
  • System orientation
  • Solar hot water
  • Solar electric
  • Solar attic fans
  • Solar water heating installation
  • Home battery installation
  • Monocrystalline, polycrystalline, and thin film
  • Amount needed determination
  • Home efficiency
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24 Hour Emergency Service Available
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For Furnace in Saint Michaels MD, we accept most major credit cards.
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We accept cash for Geothermal & Solar heating repair service provided in Easton MD.
We accept Visa, Mastercard & American Express, cash and personal checks. We also have financing options available.
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Guarantees   |   Employment   |   Reviews   |   Search
Home   |   Email Us   |   Schedule   |   About Us   |   Guarantees   |   Employment   |   Reviews   |   Search
Home   |   Email Us   |   Schedule   |   About Us
Guarantees   |   Employment   |   Reviews   |   Search