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Job Descriptions

[+] Accountant/Book Keeper

A. Title of job: Accountant/Book Keeper:

B. Reports to: Operation Officer

C. FLSA Status: Full-time Non-Exempt

D. Salary Level: Hourly based on skills and abilities

E. Salary Range: $35,000 - $55,000

F. Basic Functions and Responsibilities:

    1. Responsible for all areas relating to financial reporting.

    2. Developing and maintaining accounting principles, practices and procedures to ensure accurate and timely financial statements.

    3. This position addresses tight deadlines and a multitude of accounting activities including general ledger preparation, financial reporting yearend audit preparation and the support of budget and forecast activities.

G. Essential Technical Knowledge Required:

    1. All general and technical skills for accounting and book keeping.

    2. Excellent computer skills including Microsoft office, also the ability to easily learn other software programs as required.

H. Essential Work Skills Required:

    1. Must have excellent written communication skills.

    2. Must possess excellent time management skills.

    3. Must have excellent oral communication skills.

    4. Must have the ability to juggle multiple tasks.

    5. Must be able to deal with difficult people.

    6. Must have excellent organizations skills.

    7. Must be able to work well with other co-workers and tradesmen.

I. Essential Technical Skills Required:

    1. Proficient knowledge of the Microsoft suite.

    2. General knowledge of Quick Books.

    3. Excellent calculation skills.

    4. Average or better data entry skills.

J. Essential Daily Job Duties and Responsibilities:

    1. Main Duties

      a. Maintain and document all financial actions and transactions of the company.

      b. Obtain and maintain a thorough understanding of the financial reporting and general ledger structure.

    2. Other expected duties:

      a. Ensure an accurate timely monthly, quarterly and year end close.

      b. Ensure the timely reporting of all monthly financial information.

      c. Take care of the daily banking requirements.

      d. Ensue the accurate and timely processing of payment transactions.

      e. Ensure the monthly and quarterly Bank Compliance activities are performed in a timely and accurate manner.

      f. Supports budget and forecasting activities.

      g. Collaborates with the other managers to support overall goals and objectives.

      h. Monitors and analyzes department work to develop more efficient procedures and use resources while maintaining a high level of accuracy.

      i. Advises staff regarding the handling of non-routine reporting transactions.

      j. Responds to inquiries from the owner and operation officer as well as other managers as needed regarding financial results and special reporting requests and the like.

      k. Assist in development and implementation of new procedures and features to enhance the workflow of the department.

      l. Provide training to new and existing staff as needed.

      m. Work with each direct report to establish goals and objectives for each year and monitor and advice on the progress to enhance the professional development of the staff.

      n. Assist in the answering of the phone lines.

K. Supervision of others:

    1. No current supervision of others.

L. Education and work experience:

    1. Must have at least 8 years of experience in the Accounting/Book Keeping industry.

    2. Must have a High School Diploma or GED certificate.

M. Additional Requirements:

    1. General logistical knowledge of the Talbot County and surrounding area.

    2. Must be able to drive to the office on a daily basis.

    3. Must have a valid driver's license

    4. Overtime hours as needed.

    5. Good hygiene and cleanliness is required at all times.

    6. Must adhere to company uniform policy.

    7. A leader by example.

    8. Follow the rules and regulations as described in the company handbook.

    9. Must follow Company Safety Policies and procedures.

N. Physical Requirements:

    1. Bend - Occasionally

    2. Squat - Occasionally

    3. Crawl - Rarely

    4. Climb - Rarely

    5. Kneel - Occasionally

    6. Handle Objects - Occasionally

    7. Push/Pull - Occasionally

    8. Reach above shoulder level - Occasionally

    9. Perform calculations - Constantly

    10. Stand - Occasionally

    11. Carry/Lift over 50 pounds - Occasionally

    12. Communicate orally - Constantly

    13. Constructions Activities - Rarely

    14. Temperature Variations - Rarely

    15. Elevated Work Locations - Never

    16. Confined Spaces - Never

    17. Sit - Constantly

    18. Use five finger movements - Constantly

    19. Read/Comprehend - Constantly

    20. Write - Constantly

    21. Reason and Analyze - Constantly

[+] Helper

[+] Installation HVAC Manager

[+] Installation HVAC Tune-up Specialist

[+] Installation Sales Person

[+] Plumbing Technician

[+] Service Dispatcher

[+] Service HVAC Manager

[+] Installation HVAC Technician Level 1

[+] Installation HVAC Technician Level 2

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24 Hour Emergency Service Available
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Payment Options
For Air Conditioner in Saint MIchaels MD, we accept most major credit cards.
We accept check for Ductless AC repair service provided in Oxford MD.
We accept cash for Geothermal & Solar cooling repair service provided in Easton MD.
We accept Visa, Mastercard & American Express, cash and personal checks. We also have financing options available.
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Guarantees   |   Employment   |   Reviews   |   Search
Home   |   Email Us   |   Schedule   |   About Us   |   Guarantees   |   Employment   |   Reviews   |   Search
Home   |   Email Us   |   Schedule   |   About Us
Guarantees   |   Employment   |   Reviews   |   Search